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Physiotherapy takes an holistic view of your health and offers individualised treatment to restore function and reduce pain in the most effective way. This may include manual techniques, postural correction, massage, advice and exercise. The aim is to support you in regaining movement, well-being and fitness.
It is based on scientific evidence and is commonly used to treat the following conditions:
• Spinal problems including back and neck pain
• Nerve pain, such as sciatica or radiating arm pain
• Joint and muscle problems, including arthritis & muscle pain
• For recovery following an injury or illness, or after surgery
• To prevent falls and improve balance

WESTERN MEDical acupuncture


Western Acupuncture is used by healthcare professionals alongside conventional techniques. Treatment involves the insertion of very fine needles to stimulate the nervous system, via receptors in muscles and skin.
Western acupuncture is sometimes used as part of physio treatments to treat and manage pain.

What to expect during a physio assessment

During an initial consultation there will be a discussion of the problems you are having, any relevant past medical history and a physical examination. The aim of this is to decide on the most appropriate treatment. You may be asked to remove some of your clothing to allow accurate examination. If you prefer you can bring shorts and a vest top. It is also useful to bring a list of any current medication.  A treatment plan and agreed goals for the course of treatment will be made with you.

At the beginning of each follow-up session, there will be a brief discussion and reassessment your condition prior to further treatment.

Physiotherapy and acupuncture are interventions to help your body to heal itself, so it is important to still carry out any home exercises and follow any advice given. 


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