The Menopause and Sex

World Menopause day is Thursday 18th October. This year the theme is sexual wellbeing after menopause.

As women age and our ovaries stop producing eggs, oestrogen levels in the body drop. This lack of oestrogen can affect the vulva, vagina, urinary tract and supporting pelvic structures. For around 50% of women this can lead to a collection of symptoms (labelled GSM – genitourinary syndrome of the menopause, sometimes still referred to as Atrophic Vaginitis). These can include: vaginal or vulval discomfort -burning, dryness, irritation, itching or a prolapse;  bladder symptoms – frequency, urgency, problems emptying the bladder, leakage or repeated bladder infections and sexual difficulties including painful sex.

All of these aspects impact on sex and the desire to have sex. Post menopausal sex is more complex though than just a lack of oestrogen…..

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Kat Love