Heritage Open Day at Sum Studios

oday, Sum Studios invites the public in to the building as part of the annual ‘Heritage Open Days’ event.

Heritage Open Days celebrates England’s fantastic architecture and culture by offering free access to places that are usually closed to the public or normally charge for admission. Every year on four days in September, buildings of every age, style and function throw open their doors. It is a once-a-year chance to discover architectural treasures and enjoy a wide range of tours, events and activities that bring local history and culture to life.

Sum Studios is on the site of the old Anns Grove school. Built in the 1890’s by Charles J innocent it was a stunning example of Victorian architecture incorporating innovations such as the (recently reinstated) natural ventilation system. In 2006 the school moved to their new building next door and the old buildings fell into a state of disrepair.

The local council initially tried to sell the site but after much negotiation the Heeley Development Trust took ownership. Their vision was to create a space that could and would become the hub of the local community. One that would provide for local residents, professionals, artists and makers; and that they did! After much hard work and dedication the first of the three buildings was officially opened on 18th July 2013. Work now begins on the rest of the site.

Today, Sum Studios is open between 11 and 4.

Tours of the building will give an insight into it’s environmental impact, history and heritage. Last time the building was open to the public many ex-pupils showed up to see what had become of their ‘beloved’ school.

The Treatment Space is located in rooms 7 & 8 so feel free to have a nosey in through the windows. Pick up one of our leaflets to benefit from our 50% off opening offer.


Kat Love