The Mummy MOT

Carolyn is now offering the Mummy MOT, a thorough post natal check for all mums.

This is an in-depth postnatal assessment of the strength, activation and function of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles following childbirth by a Specialist Post Natal Health Physiotherapist, it is recommended for all women following delivery. The aim is to prevent common postnatal issues such as back or pelvic pain, pelvic floor and bladder weakness and difficulties going back to sporting activities.

Mummy Mot assessment and rehab is different because it combines specialist physiotherapy assessment with functional activity fitness training which is tailored to the woman’s individual needs. It was devised by a specialist pelvic physio, in conjunction with a specialist women’s health fitness professional. It brings together postural and biomechanical assessment, specialist pelvic floor assessment, abdominal muscle assessment and appropriately targeted functional exercise.

Mums need to move! We bend, lift, twist and squat and any training programme needs to address this to help women return to their activities.

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Kat Love