Workout at Work Day - 2015

Next Friday is Workout at Work day for 2015.  This annual awareness day is organised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and aims to promote the importance of being physically active during the working day.

To mark the occasion we have decided to make use of the fabulous facilities in Heeley Millenium Park and go bouldering in the park. Heeley Development Trust  are kindly lending mats and climbing boots so you don’t need to have any kit. Hopefully they will also be getting away from their desks and joining us between 12-2pm.

There are so many reasons to try and incorporate physical activity into our working day. Ideally we should all be doing a minimum of two strengthening sessions and five 30-minute cardio-vascular exercise sessions a day. Strengthening can be lifting weights or going to the gym, but it can also be gardening, or even simple chair exercises such as these outlined on the NHS Choices website.  Cardio exercise can be walking, cycling, gardening, aerobics, swimming – this list is endless!

Bouldering gives your whole body a workout and would be a tick for those strengthening sessions.  It’s also good mental training. Those of us working at Sum Studios and Heeley Development Trust have no excuse not to pop there during breaks as the park is on our doorstop!

Hope to see you down there next Friday,


Kat Love