Heeley Development Trust and Sheffield City Council are holding events this week to support people to get digital.

Carolyn Lindsay, from the Treatment Space, will be at the Heeley Green Community Centre session this Thursday 16th October.

At this session you can learn and develop online skills. This includes finding information to improve your health and to manage existing health conditions, but also includes financial know-how.



Get online Day at Heeley Green Community Centre S2

Carolyn will be doing a short talk on Women’s Health at 10.30, discussing the importance of exercise for women. She will also be talking about bladder problems – something experienced by around 1 in 4 women and giving hints and tips of what you can do to help yourself and where to go for online information.

At 1.30pm she will be running a brief relaxation session giving you the chance to try out easy breathing and stretching techniques to reduce stress and help you to relax.

Carolyn will also be around during the day for assistance on-line, or if you have any questions about physiotherapy, exercise or women’s health.

Further information about the day and the weeks’ events can be found on:

Heeley Development Trust’s Facebook page

Hope to see you there!


Kat Love