Multibed Acupuncture Sheffield

Multibed Acupuncture Sheffield now available at The Treatment Space.


I am very happy to be introducing a new multibed acupuncture clinic in Sheffield.

During November and December I ran a trial clinic for fellow Sum Studio tenants which was a great success and have decided to offer it on a regular basis. It will be available at The Treatment Space, Sheffield, on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings.

“What is a multibed acupuncture clinic? And what are the benefits?” I hear you ask.

By using two adjacent rooms and staggering start times, it is possible to provide acupuncture treatments to two people at a time. The most notable reason for doing this is to reduce the cost, therefore becoming a lot more accessible/affordable.

The acupuncture treatments themselves are very similar to those received in a more conventional 1 to 1 set up however, when the needles are in, the acupuncturist leaves the rooms and sees someone else.

There is a bit less chatter during multibed treatments so if you enjoy the social aspects of acupuncture then this is probably not for you!

During a multibed clinic, the clients are given a buzzer to use if they want to call the acupuncturist back in to the room for any reason.

And down to the question many of you will be wondering……. What will it cost?!

For 6 weekly multibed acupuncture sessions the cost will be £100.

Due to the nature of the multibed clinic, it will be available in 6 week blocks and patents will arrange a regulat time to come each week.

The Treatment Space is fairly unique in Sheffield in the way in which it is offering the multibed clinic. Most other acupuncture multibed clinics (of which there are few) use a single room with two or three treatment couches. They have screens between beds which offer some, but certainly not complete, privacy and hence some patients find they can not full relax during sessions.

If you are interested in booking in to the acupuncture multibed clinic then please call 07904953304 or email me at


Kat Love