Small Park Big Run

I’ve had a brilliant time over Saturday and Sunday massaging runners who were taking part in Small Park Big Run. This 24 hour event took part in Meersbrook park with continuous circuits being run in shifts by multiple entrants.

People of all ages took part, doing from half hour stints up to more than full Marathons – which if you consider the hill in Meersbrook park is pretty amazing. Well done everyone!! Don’t forget that you can use your 50% off vouchers until the end of the year. Vouchers can be used for treatment by me (Physio, Massage or Medical Acupuncture), Kat (Traditional Acupuncture) or Rachel (Sports and Remedial massage).

The run aimed to raise awareness of the movement restrictions faced by Palestinian people on a daily basis. And also to raise money for two charities supporting women’s university scholarships and children’s projects. There was also a free community fun run which linked up with a children’s run in Gaza.

Time lapse of the event Where you can briefly glimpse me working in the back left of the white tent.

Well done to all the amazing organisers – some of whom stayed up for the whole time and many ran too. As well as raising money and awareness it was also a lovely community event full of friends and neighbours, so it didn’t even feel like work.

If you’d like to know more about the charities supported by the run you can go the webpage Small Park Big Run


Kat Love